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Release time:2018-12-05

“Helper-online” mainly export chemical products trade,Who are of agent for domestic manufacturers to export chemical raw materials, the original material of drugs and so on.

The mainly scope are sodium methylate 99.9% powder and fluid types (SMT cas no.124-41-4),Sodium methomide methanolsolution,niethylether,hexamethyl disiloxane,1,4-dioxane,pivaloylacetonitride,trimethyl silylcyanide,n-phenyl-1naphthalamine(cas no.93-30-2),n-phenyl-alpha,naphthylamine,furfural(cas no.98-01-1), Para tert butyl benzoic acid 99%(PTBBA cas no.98-73-7),phenyl acetone(cas no.103-79-7), tert-octylamine, methanol, ethanol, anhydrous alcohol , curcumin(cas no.458-37-7),Benzotriazole (BTA cas no.95-14-7), Tolyltriazole (TTA cas no.29385-43-1), Gum rosin(cas no.8050-09-7), IPA(cas no.67-63-0), Ethyl Acetate, Solvent Violet 49 (Solvent Violet49), Solvent Red 212 (cas no.), Acid Red 289 (cas no.12220-28-9), Diethyl Sulfate(DES cas no.64-67-5), Tetra Chloro phthalictetra anhydride (TCPA cas no.117-08-8),  Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone (cas no.1948-33-0),2,6-Dichloro-4-Ntroaniline(cas no.99-30-9), Benzyl Triethyl Ammonnium Chloride 99% (cas no.56-37-1),Triethylamine (cas no.121-44-8), Acethyl Chloride (cas no.75-36-5),aluminum chloride,  B15(cas no.29512-49-0), B1(cas no.36431-22-8), ODB-2, ODB-1, Green1(cas no.34372-72-0),NB,N13, MC, DA, SE, NMD, TPI, S205, BHT(cas no.128-37-0), 4,4-Bisphenol(cas no.80-09-1), 2,4 - bisphenol S (2,4-BPS cas no.5397-34-2) ... ...

Truck Spare Parts like Sensor,pump,locks,gasket and so on.

Agriculture products like garlic,ginger,chestnut,apples,carrot,kidney beans and so on.

Hand craft like collections, baskets and so on.

We will provide long-term partnership service for both buyers and sellers. Only if we started the cooperation, we can build stable the relationship of supplying and demand. In the past 11 years, we have solved a lot of problems and demand for customers and friends in the world. Hereby we should express our thanks for these friends, who supported us and our websites construction, and express our thanks to all suppliers and buyers. No your suppuration, No our today, thank you very much!

Welcome you to come stand with us win-win cooperation!